Jacksonville, FL — August 29, 2022 —Availity, the nation’s largest real-time health information network, completed its acquisition of Diameter Health, the national leader in clinical data quality and interoperability.

Integrating Diameter Health’s complementary Upcycling Data™ technology into Availity’s existing clinical data gateway capabilities positions Availity to deliver one of the strongest integrated clinical and claims data network and interoperability platforms in healthcare.

Together, these solutions will fuel innovations in value-based care (VBC) arrangements, provide seamless information exchange between providers, health plans and technology partners, and normalize structured and unstructured clinical data for a host of digitally enabled use cases.

“This acquisition underscores Availity’s strategy to empower providers and health plans to benefit from actionable, real-time, and precise data insights to reduce administrative inefficiencies, maximize revenue potential, and drive quality of care improvements for patients on one scalable platform,” said Russ Thomas, CEO of Availity. “Fueled by Diameter’s technology, Availity will create the nation’s preeminent data acquisition and interoperability platform. We are thrilled to leverage the talents and energy of the Diameter Health team to deliver an integrated clinical and claims data platform that provides real-time, intelligent, bidirectional data workflows and insights.”

Diameter Health’s API Fusion technology automates the process of upcycling clinical data in real-time, turning inconsistent, multi-source and multi-format data into a robust longitudinal data asset. Diameter Health’s Upcycled Data™ is compliant with national terminology standards, consistent with its original intent, and further enriched for broadscale application and actionable intelligence. This process eliminates many of the challenges that limit data usability and exchange, such as non-conformant codes, details buried in text, and information delivered in multiple formats or from multiple sources.

Diameter’s best-of-breed technology achieves unparalleled speed and scale and is used by national and regional health plans, healthcare technology developers, government entities, insurtech providers, and health information exchanges.

“Clinical data is tremendously valuable, but the ability to structurally and semantically normalize multi-source, multi-format clinical data, and further enrich and deploy that data to drive action is still an emerging capability in healthcare. Diameter Health is a leader in unlocking clinical data’s full potential,” said Mary Lantin, President and COO of Diameter Health. “Harnessing the power of clinical data is a critical opportunity for Availity. By combining our complementary capabilities and sitting at the intersection across providers, health plans and data partners, we have the opportunity to truly disrupt the healthcare industry and break new ground in advancing data intelligence.”

Combining Diameter’s API technology and Fusion engine with Availity’s Clinical Gateway capabilities will enable health plans, providers, and partners to:

  • Acquire and streamline clinical data acquisition through a broad network of providers, vendors and partners
  • Upcycle clinical data into a clean, clear and precise asset by normalizing data to industry standard terminologies, intelligently reorganizing and deduplicating disparate data sources, and leveraging clinical informatics best practices
  • Create a summarized, comprehensive, longitudinal health record
  • Deliver fit-for-purpose data and enable bidirectional and intelligent workflows that support care gap closure, quality measurement, risk adjustment, automated prior authorization, care management and other data-driven use cases

“Diameter Health has earned a world-class reputation for clinical informatics expertise and scalable, automated technology that makes health data interoperable, actionable, and trustworthy,” said Eric Rosow, CEO and Co-Founder of Diameter Health. “We are excited to announce Diameter Health’s next chapter in becoming a foundational pillar of Availity’s broader platform offering, to enable better outcomes for providers and health plans nationally.”

TripleTree is serving as the exclusive financial advisor to Diameter Health and Feinberg Hanson LLP is serving as legal counsel to Diameter Health.

Alston & Bird LLP is serving as legal counsel to Availity.