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  • TriMedx

    Stuart Essig worked closely with Towerbrook in identifying and partnering with this company. TriMedx started as a hospital clinical engineering department focusing on reducing expenses, optimizing service and enhancing the patient experience through innovative medical equipment management programs. Today, TriMedx is recognized around the globe as a leader in healthcare technology management.

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  • EndoStim

    Prettybrook co-invested with Wellington Partners in this company which has developed a unique, minimally-invasive implantable device designed to provide long-term reflux control by restoring normal esophageal function through low-energy personalized neurostimulation.

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  • Beaver-Visitec

    Prettybrook co-invested with TPG Capital in this company. Beaver-Visitec International is focused on developing and manufacturing new, innovative and reliable products for a variety of ophthalmic and specialty microsurgical procedures.

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  • G-Therapeutics

    Prettybrook made a direct investment, along with Wellington Partners, in this early stage company which is developing a therapy combining a spinal cord implant with robot-assisted training with an aim to accelerate and augment functional recovery of people with spinal cord injury.

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  • ELAP

    Prettybrook co-invested with Water Street in this company. ELAP works with companies to design self-insured health plans and manage their medical claims. It conducts detailed audits on their medical bills and reprices them based on an analysis of the medical providers’ actual costs and Medicare rates.

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  • Dynatronics Corporation

    We have chosen to join forces with Prettybrook because we believe that the new equity and the industry expertise the firm brings to Dynatronic’s positions us to capitalize on current trends in the healthcare marketplace. Our industry is changing and Dynatronic’s management is convinced that with the right partner there are transformative opportunities that would benefit the company and its shareholders. We are very enthusiastic about the synergies of a partnership with Prettybrook.

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  • Breg

    Stuart Essig is Chairman of the Board of this leader in the sports medicine market, having participated in the leveraged buyout of the business with Water Street Capital Partners.

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  • HealthEquitty

    Prettybrook made a direct investment in this emerging player in Health Savings Account management. Recently completed IPO.

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  • Definiens

    Prettybrook made a direct investment in this tissue phenomics company. Recently was sold to AstraZeneca.

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  • Temptime

    Prettybrook made a direct investment in this manufacturer of time-temperature indicators for sensitive vaccines, pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

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  • Independent Clinical Services

    Prettybrook made a direct investment in this London based provider of staffing, complex care services and administrative outsourcing for clients in the healthcare sector.

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  • Quanta

    Prettybrook made a direct investment in this emerging player in home dialysis.

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  • Miamed

    Prettybrook has a direct investment in this medical education company.

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  • Percsys

    Prettybrook has a direct investment in this emerging player in urologic devices.

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  • Songbird

    Prettybrook participated in the leveraged acquisition of this