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Creating Value through Strategic Partnerships.

At Prettybrook, we believe our strategic partnerships enable us to add significant value to the companies we work with. The firm has partnerships with top-tier venture capital and private equity firms, as well as with exceptional industry executives. We can make initial platform acquisitions at attractive valuations and substantially improve company profitability through increased revenues and improved margins. Prettybrook invests primarily in leveraged buyouts and venture investments where we can have significant governance impact.

Key Strategic Strengths

    1. Targeted industry focus on healthcare and medical technology.
    2. Generation of proprietary investment opportunities.
    3. Post-investment value creation program that includes specific operating and financial goals.
    4. Tested investment qualification process and tailored transaction structures.
    5. Exit planning integrated into the initial investment process.

Investment Criteria

Due to our industry focus, corporate relationships and integrated team, Prettybrook is often the preferred partner of venture capital and private equity firms, management teams and sellers. Our ideal transaction is one in which we invest side-by-side with venture or private equity backers.

Transaction Types

  • Control-oriented leveraged buyouts of privately-held businesses, corporate divisions, and public companies
  • Restructuring/recapitalizations of privately-held businesses
  • Staged transitions of corporate-owned entities
  • Partnerships with other strategic and financial buyers
  • Going-private transactions

Experience and Resources

  • Extensive experience in evaluating and executing value-creating transactions
  • Operational experience
  • Extensive network of relationships with managers and investors
  • Mergers and acquisition experience
  • Significant hands-on management experience
  • Financial structuring creativity and expertise